Being Art Smart

In her book Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts, literacy professor Claudia Cornett (2003) presents ten effects of visual arts on learning and motivation as a rationale for why teachers should integrate art into their curriculum:

1. Art activates emotions and motivates.

2. Art is a way of communicating through visual and spatial symbols.

3. Art is a means of thinking through the senses.

4. Art develops esthetic sensitivity.

5. Art develops higher-order thinking skills and creative problem-solving capabilities.

6. Art strengthens self-understanding and confidence about being unique.

7. Art promotes respect for diversity.

8. Art develops responsibility, focus, concentration, and self-discipline.

9. Art reflects life, so it naturally integrates all curricular areas.

10. Art is a way to assess. (p. 156-161)

Cornett, C. E. (2003). Creating meaning through literature and the arts: An integration resource for classroom teachers (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.


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