What a Wonderful World

While I tend to prefer picture books to websites when it comes to engaging my students in the classroom, I admit there are some great resources for teachers out there on the Internet. The Smithsonian is one of those sites, with lesson plans on a multitude of topics available with a quick search.

They currently are featuring two interactive lessons about the universe:

“In Lesson 1, the class works together to arrange pictures from space according to the students’ best ideas of size, distance, and age. This active introduction to the cosmos can be a pre-assessment for a unit on space science. Lesson 2 is a modeling exercise in which relationships in space are brought down to a scale of two inches. Both lessons are based on educational materials created by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, in cooperation with NASA.”

What a fun way for students to get involved in the learning process and gain a better understanding of the vastness of the universe. If “seeing is believing” then your students are in for a mind-blowing discovery as they “create” and “see” the universe in miniature.


comments and ideas welcome!

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