Happy Thanksgiving

For a unique and authentic look at the events and people involved in the first Thanksgiving, visit the Plimoth Plantation’s site You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving .

For those too far away from Plymouth, Massachusetts, to visit this amazing site in person (where you can tour a full-scale reproduction of the Mayflower II, visit an English village, and participate in a variety of other educational experiences), a virtual visit to their website can provide you with some interesting insights into this holiday and its beginnings. Vivid visuals  and audio make this investigation inviting and informative.

In addition, you may want to share some of these books with your students:



From Sea to Shining Sea

Visit the Model T Road Trip site for an exciting virtual adventure with a family making their first road trip across America.

Pictures, factual tidbits, and entries from Jenny’s journal will provide insight into some of the history and geography of the U.S.

Water, Water Everywhere!

Join with others this week to explore and discover more about the Earth’s amazing natural resource: freshwater.

My Wonderful World provides maps, activities, multimedia, quizzes, and more in support of this adventure for Geography Awareness Week 2010.

You can also visits sites like BrainPOP Jr. to learn more about freshwater habitats and National Geographic to see photos, videos, and more about Earth’s freshwater.

You could also explore some books on this topic like A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley, A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison, The Freshwater Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta, and Freshwater Life by Susan McKeever.

And don’t forget to enjoy a cool glass of water!

In Honor…

of those who fought (and currently fight) for our freedom

Thank You!

The following are some visual resources to help young students better understand what Veteran’s Day is all about:

Hyper History Online – an amazing collection of charts, maps, files, and links covering 3000 years of world history.

See a map of WWI and learn more about its history here.



The Letter Home by Timothy Decker shares one soldier’s experiences and perspective of WWI through a letter he writes to his young son.

I write more about this book here.

And although not about Veteran’s Day, The Impossible Patriotism Project by Linda Skeers is one of my all time favorite picture books honoring those who serve our country.

You can find out more about the book and author here and lots of great activities based on the story here.

Where in the World?

In honor of Geography Awareness Week (November 14-20), I have decided to share some of my favorite geography sites this month.

Now, the world is full of fascinating places, but I am especially partial to my own great country… the U.S.A. And I have found many fun ways to help my students learn about the 50 states and the amazing geography located within these borders.

50States.com has maps galore.

The USGS site has amazing photos.

The Nations Online website contains an overview of the USA (country, land, history, people, etc.) and links to more things than you will probably have time to cover.

Then there are quizzes and games to test your knowledge: Know your States and Test Your Geography Knowledge and USA Geography Map Game.

And to add to all this visual fun, you can also get some Geography Songs to help enhance your students’ learning.

Have fun exploring!