April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well, it feels like we have had more than our share of April showers around here this year.  🙂

Thankfully, the sun has finally started to warm up some of our days and the spring flowers are in full bloom. They are a beautiful sight…. and an intriguing (as well as creative) topic for a spring science unit.

After observing, dissecting, analyzing, and categorizing flowers with your students and sharing books like those shown above, you may want to provide opportunities for some creative projects like the flower crafts found on the following sites:


DLTK’s Printable Crafts for Kids

Kaboose.com – tissue paper flowers

TLC Family – paper flowers

Origami Fun – origami lilies and other flowers

Poetry: wrapping words around our tongues

Poetry for Young People: Carl Sandburg, edited by Frances Schoonmaker Bolin and illustrated by Steven Arcella, is one of over 20 texts in Sterling Publishing‘s Poetry for Young People series.

Other books in this series feature poets like William Carlos Williams, Yeats, Alfred Lloyd Tennyson, Emily Dickinson, Wordsworth, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Maya Angelou. The complete list can be found here.

While the rhythm, repetition, and creative visual images conjured up by poems are intriguing to many, it can also be helpful to share poems in this visual format that provides clues to each poem’s meaning and enhances the learning experience.


Want to know more about Carl Sandburg?

You can read his biography and more of his poems here and here and take a virtual tour of the Sandburg museum here.

And don’t miss Imagine It! a Website for Kids of All Ages for an interactive experience about Sandburg’s life and adventures that you won’t soon forget.


additional poetry resources can be found here

Grant Opportunity

The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education has a grant available (up to $1000) to help support teachers “who wish to establish an effective learning tool using the arts in teaching children who learn differently.” The deadline is September 30, 2011. See link here for more info.