1000 words and a Christmas greeting

Walt Disney once referred to pictures as the most universally understood language. And indeed, I believe that to be true. However, like all other languages, pictures, too, can be misunderstood or ignored. It takes practice and patience to learn this “language” and be able to glean all one can from a single picture. After all, it is a message of a thousand words we’re looking for in each one.  🙂

There are many wonderful photography sites online where you and your students can practice your picture reading skills (see links here and here for ideas and strategies).

One such site is Teachinfourth’s blog where he often shares his photographs and also features the Weekly Kodachrome. These shots along with their titles and brief descriptions would be a great resource as you teach your students about finding meaning in pictures.

And if you act fast, you could also become the recipient of one of Teachinfourth‘s fabulous photographs. He is giving away 100 5×7 photographs for Christmas this year. Click here for more details.

Happy Holidays!


comments and ideas welcome!

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