Magical “Gardens”

If you are like me and live where the snow rarely falls, then you will have a hard time exploring snow crystals like Wilson Bentley did. But never fear, there are many other types of crystals out there just waiting for you to observe, photograph, and possibly even “grow”!

When I taught 3rd grade, my students and I grew salt and alum crystals every year as part of a science unit. We also experimented with sugar and borax crystals a few times. However, my favorite kind of crystal to grow is alum because of its unique shape.

Salt crystals also have an interesting design and can be grown quite easily.

If you are curious about how this works and would like to create your own “magical garden,” check out these links for information on growing your own crystals:

Science Club Website: Crystal Growing

The Best Crystal Project

Crystal Science Fair Projects

Then sit back, watch them grow, and don’t forget to take some pictures.


comments and ideas welcome!

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