Empowering Our Learning

Effectively engaging the eye generation is as much about teaching our students how to “read” and work with visuals as it is about broadening and enhancing our teaching approaches. Much of Johanna Riddle’s research is based on the assertion that “Once we unlock the door to intelligent vision, we set the stage for richer understanding and communication. We begin to grow and encourage what journalist Linda Ellerbee calls ‘savvy interpreters of meaning'” (p.29). By including the arts, technology, and imagery in our teaching, we add power to the traditional tools of learning and actively engage our students in the “visual, auditory, and kinesthetic interpretation and production of information” (p.55).

For more on the importance of using visuals in the classroom, view this slide show. (And while you’re at it, learn about some useful, new technology.)

You can also learn more about the importance of using visual thinking in the classroom in the slide show here. And this post provides some great visuals and thoughts for pondering.

How do you use visuals to empower your students’ learning?


comments and ideas welcome!

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