Changing the world… one idea at a time

I’ve been continuing to ponder Kieren Egan’s ideas about imagination and learning in depth, wondering just how these can be incorporated into our current educational models in practical ways.

And lately, a few things on the news have caught my eye. These kids’ creativity and determination demonstrate the power of the imagination to spur our learning to higher levels.

By now you have no doubt heard about Caine’s Arcade. His countless hours of work to perfect his cardboard arcade are inspiring. And I absolutely love his security device. Genius!

The Never Seconds blog demonstrates another creative way a child has decided to use her time and impact her world. You can read more about “VEG” in The Telegraph article  and listen to her BBC interview (see chapter 5).

I am inspired by their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Just think what these kids will do as they continue to change the world with their big ideas and “go getter” attitudes.

What imaginative/creative things have you seen lately? Have you found ways to encourage these in the classroom?


One thought on “Changing the world… one idea at a time

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