Celebrating Us

By the end of September, students should know their classmates. But do they know the other important people in your school community?

I loved using Hooray for Diffendoofer Day by Dr. Seuss, Jack Prelusky, & Lane Smith to help reinforce the idea of community and its importance in our learning.

This story emphasizes that learning can be fun and reminds us that there are many people (like custodians, nurses, and librarians) who help make our schools run. (ha ha… guess I’ve read a little too much Dr. Seuss lately)

After reading this book to my 3rd graders, I would provide them with opportunities to interview some of these key people and then share with the class so that all of us could get to know the members of our school community.

This activity sheet provides some questions to guide the interview and a space to draw a portrait of their chosen community member.


  • Prearrange times (10 minutes or so) and meeting places for the interviews.
  • Send students out in pairs or groups of three – or invite the interviewees to your classroom.  The interviews will be more successful if students do not feel alone or intimidated by new surroundings.
  • If your students need practice, use this activity first. They can interview a friend to become more familiar with this process.
  • If your students do not know who each group interviewed, hang the unlabeled portraits first for a fun guessing game. Identities can be revealed during your interview sharing time.


Additional Activities:

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