He Gave the World Quite a Fright

With the recent announcement of the 2012 Nobel Laureates and the upcoming award ceremony in December, I thought it was time to pay tribute to a man who has greatly influenced our world.

Alfred Nobel: The Man Behind the Peace Prize by Kathy-Jo Wargin tells the story of Nobel’s life – from his curiosity and love of science to his experiments and inventions and his lasting legacy of the Nobel Prize.

Want to find out more specifics about this award? Visit the official website of the Nobel Prize. This site also offers a variety of interactive games and other educational resources.

Alfred Nobel also had an element (Nobelium: element 102) named in his honor. Learn more about that at the Interactive Periodic Table.

extension activities:

  • Learn about other Nobel Prize winners like Wangari, Martin Luther King Jr., and Marie Curie.
  • After learning about the various Nobel Prize categories, write or draw about a way you would like to change the world. What are you curious about? What type of invention would you like to create? How would this make the world a better place?
  • Create your own Nobel Prize.


comments and ideas welcome!

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