Over the River and Through the Woods

Want to learn more about the history of transportation in America? Visit the National Museum of American History’s exhibit America on the Move. You’ll find a timeline of the various modes of transportation used over the years and information about the changes these brought to our cities and economy. You can also browse the Smithsonian’s collection and continue your exploration with “tours” through the various themes related to transportation.

The interactive games “Drive Through Time” and “Where’s Everyone Going?” add unique opportunities to further explore modes of transportation, connect your new knowledge to historical settings, and learn more about the changes that transportation has brought about in the United States.


Looking for more info? Check out these books:

Illustrated Timeline of Transportation, by Kremena Spengler


Transportation Then and Now, by Robin Nelson

The Transcontinental Railroad, by John Perritano


Straphanging in the USA: Trolleys and Subways in American Life, by Martin W. Sandler


From the Model T to Hybrid Cars: How Transportation Has Changed, by Jennifer Boothroyd


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