Lift Off to Literacy: to the ISS and Beyond

Happy International Literacy Day! 🙂

How do you plan on adding an extra minute of literacy today?

What about tweeting an astronaut?  You can connect with them here (astronauts in space now) and here (NASA astronauts).

Your students just might…










  • or get one of their own questions answered!

Plus learning to communicate in 140 characters or less could lead to some lessons in creativity and clarity.

The sky really isn’t the limit with this as students read and send messages to the ISS and beyond. 😉



2 thoughts on “Lift Off to Literacy: to the ISS and Beyond

  1. How do we (students, teachers) know that the image of the pyramids taken from space is authentic? What questions SHOULD we be asking about every image we see and are exposed to? That’s the real visual literacy that MUST be taught.

    • I was thinking more about finding creative and authentic ways to engage students in additional reading and writing activities for this challenge. But I completely agree! It also provides a perfect opportunity to explore and practice critical thinking in regards to visual literacy.

comments and ideas welcome!

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