Stories of Life

Another successful set of writing prompts to use in the classroom focuses on the students themselves.

What better topic do we know in-depth information about  than our own experiences?

Providing students with prompts that connect to their lives can help to eliminate that feeling of not having anything to write about and instead help students focus on the abundance of life experiences they face each day.

The following autobiographies and biographies provide rich examples of life stories for students and can serve as mentor texts as students take on the task of writing about their own lives:

Bill Peet: An Autobiography, by Bill Peet


Flora and Tiger: 19 very short stories from my life, by Eric Carle

When I Was Young in the Mountains, by Cynthia Rylant


A Picture Book of Helen Keller, by David Adler

My Name is Georgia: A Portrait by Jeanette Winter, by Jeanette Winter


Rocks in His Head, by Carol Hurst


Snowflake Bentley, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin


Cleopatra, by Peter Vennema and Diane Stanley


Additional Resources:

Scholastic: Writing an Autobiography

Telling a Story About Me: Young Children Write Autobiographies

How Do Kids Write an Autobiography About Themselves?

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe…

With all the busyness of work lately, I’ve had trouble coming up with a topic to focus on this month… until I received the Stenhouse Publishers catalog in the mail today and saw this:

So, in honor of the shortest month of the year, I have decided to share some of my favorite math related books for the month of February.

Math lessons often include time for students to interact with manipulatives and practice the concepts covered. Incorporating other types of visual literacy into this content area can also help expand students’ understanding and add an element of fun.

Here’s to 28 amazing picture books  on the topic of math:

1. Math in the Bath (and other fun places, too!) by Sara Atherly

2. Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh

3. Pizza Counting by Christina Dobson, with some delicious illustrations by Matthew Holmes

4. How Tall, How Short, How Far Away by David Adler

5. One Nation: America by the Numbers by Devin Scillian

6. Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

7. Monster Math by Anne Miranda

8. 100 Hungry Ants by Elinor J Pinczes

9. The M&M’s Brand Counting Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath

10. The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

11. Each Orange Had 8 Slices: A Counting Book by Paul Giganti, Jr.


to be continued . . .